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My Objective of creating this Website:

Dear Friends,

Welcome to my Home Page. My website’s prime Objective is to help you in improvising your overall personality by enriching your mind with positive thoughts and helps you to overcome your weaknesses and succeed in your life. Most of my visitors are either college students who wants to understand how to improvise their confidence levels and do well with various interviews or someone who wants to develop high sense of self esteem and subsequently transform into Leaders. The content is so designed that it has short interesting case studies, stories related to real time scenarios that you can use in your interviews to make a impact. Post reading the content, I would welcome your opinion and suggestions so that I can make the reading experience great & interesting to all my readers. I am passionate in teaching Soft skills, Interview Tips(Freshers & Experienced), Digital Marketing. You may want to check the social sharing buttons below to connect with me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Home Page Guides you with an Overview of my website:

This website has multiple pages and you may find the relevant content as specified below:

Personality Development(PD)– This page has content related to what are the important traits that form a great personality and how you can make a great difference by acquiring them. They do have short stories, poems, quotes or case scenarios that help you understand the traits in the best possible way. It is required to compare these traits with the traits you actually possess to understand yourself better. When you start comparing your self with what is expected in this website you will discover the real you and in case of any deficiencies you identify, its time to correct it as soon as possible. Most importantly, you should practice these traits repeatedly and ensure you make it a habit. Success in your career will then no longer be a luck but it becomes a habit.

Here is an Access to my You tube Channel where i have created lot of Videos for you to access for free and help yourself to be a better and stronger Person. By the time you reach the end of the video you will be auto redirected to my next video in the sequence. I use these concepts at Various Colleges in India to help students learn & grow. If you like them you can subscribe to my channel and encourage me to do more.

The below links will guide you the way forward and wish you a happy learning. In case you find my Website helpful do share your feedback and I would be glad to hear from you.

Soft Skills basics that will help you grow. Here is an access to 20 Videos on Soft Skills. Each video on an average will last for 5-10 minutes only.Click on the “Soft Skills” link above to access the 20 Topics covered in Soft Skills.

Interview Tips for Freshers– Discover the No 1 reason for Unemployment in the present Generation. Here  is an access to 15 Questions that are commonly asked for freshers in their Interviews. Each video will last for 5-10 minutes only. Click on the “Interview Tips for Freshers” link above to access the 15 Videos and crack your dream Job.

Interview Tips for Experienced– When you need to scale up in your career and manage people in your new role, you need to study their pulse regularly as unlike machines, humans have emotions and you need to learn to deal with them.Here  is an access to 15 Questions that are commonly asked for experienced in their Interviews. Each video will last for 5-10 minutes only. Click on the “Interview Tips for Experienced” link above to access the 15 Videos and crack your dream Job.

Digital Marketing Basics– The world is moving onto the digital platform along with your customers, in case you prefer not to move, your competitors will move to grab your market share.

Interview Tips– This page has a question bank which we as recruiters ask in most of our personal interviews. The best part is it also has some suggested answers which can help you come out of tricky interview questions with great credit thereby convincing the recruiter that “You are the deserving one”.

Blogs– This page has some short stories , poems, quotes, case studies that might help you relate closely to the content mentioned in Personality Development(PD) web page.

Affiliate Promotions– This page has some best selling Products which were tried and tested by most of my friends, relatives and myself and basis the feedback I received decided to Promote on my Website.You just need to click on the images to reach out to the respective merchant’s site and make a purchase provided you see a value in it. I have included these products only after a thorough research and proper Analysis. Recommend you to see the customer testimonials before you make a purchase decision. Most of the Products also have a Return Policy in case you are not satisfied, however you may want to check out the timelines on the merchant’s site as the timelines to return the product varies from merchant to merchant. By purchasing from the links shared in the “BUY Now” or “Add to cart” links, you get a great discount on the products displayed compared to Market price. Click  “Affiliate Promotions” to check the Products available.

Digital Marketing– Owing to COVID breakdown across the World, Work from Home has become a way of life and it is important you should possess Digital Marketing skills to crush the competion.

Contact-Me– .This page has some content about myself, just in case you want to know me better and connect with me on social media platforms, you have access to all that in this page.

I wish you all a happy reading but do subscribe below if you are interested in my Website. I invite my subscribers for Free Live Webinars and share my knowledge/ best practices regarding Job Markets occasionally.

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