Blogging Basics- How to start a Blog?

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Blogging helps you to pen down your thoughts and share with the rest of the world about

your interests so that they may join you in case they have similar interest and thereby you

create a follower base by strongly influencing the like minded.

A Blog, also known as a weblog, is a website that is like a diary or journal. …

Posts often include links to other websites. Blogs can have one or more writers.

If they have more than one writer, they are often called community blogs,

team blogs, or group blogs because the thoughts are made by more than one person.

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Let us look at few examples of great Bloggers and how they attract followers and not just that they earn revenue from their blogs and are termed as influencers in that particular Niche. This is called as Niche Blogging.

Example 1India’s Great Travel Blogger- Lakshmi Sharath

Their blogs inspire us to travel and gather knowledge from different places. Be it through their pictures or some amazing facts these bloggers has made their mark everywhere.If you want or still planning for a vacation, Lakshmi Sharath will definitely be an inspiration for you. She started her journey as a media professional but then she was also a traveler, travel writer and a photographer. She has been an active blogger and shares some of the best travelling experiences. Her blog ‘A travel blog of an Indian Backpacker’ has interesting stories about her amazing experiences in India. Check out the link below:

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Lets see What she has to say about her Travelling Experience.

Countries Travelled: I am not sure exactly over 25 , I guess.

Travel Tip: I prefer to travel on weekdays and off season. This helps me to discover more out of a place and also am happy with the quiet and peace around. I would love to just sit in a small cabin up in the hills and stare endlessly at the mountains, look for birds and have cups of tea.

Example 2One More Profile of Travel Blogger– Archana Singh

For those of who are planning to travel solo and explore new things in life, then you should definitely learn it from Archana Singh. The true essence of travelling is that it helps you learn about the beauty of life. This intuitive explorer loves to seek new adventures and also loves to mingle with the locals of different places. She usually travels to offbeat places which let her experience new things.

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Lets see What she has to say about her Travelling Experience.

Countries Travelled: That’s an interesting question because I stopped counting the number of countries I have been to long time ago. But on an average I visit at least 5 – 6 new countries every year.

Travel Tip: Travel light. Nobody remembers your clothes but what you did during your travels. Also, to save space I roll clothes instead of folding.

One way ticket Destination: Though I fall in love with every old and new place I visit but Ladakh holds a special place in my heart. It changed me forever. Its raw unadulterated beauty of the landscape and its people gave my life a new direction. I have been to Ladakh more than five times in the last two years but still I never get bored of it. It is one place where I would happily get lost.

Example 3-Profile of a Great  Fashion Blogger – Anshita Juneja

Anshita is one of the best fashion bloggers in India. She is the editor and founder of the blog “Vanity No Apologies”. She holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing after having graduated in 2011 from the University of Delhi with B.A. in Business Economics.You will see her work throughout the blog. Anshita started this blog in December of 2010 and became one of the most respected and awarded beauty blogs in India, it’s a fixture in the niche, receiving more than 800,000 visits/month. Visit her Blog:

Check out the below link.


Example 4-Profile of another Fashion Blogger – Pallavi

Pallavi is the editor and founder of “That Delhi Girl” a famous fashion blog read by thousands of visitors every day. She used to post random pictures of her outfit every day on Instagram when people started requesting her to start blogging and give them style tips. She has worked in the public health and pharma sector for around 3 years till I decided to call it quits to take up blogging full time. She has come a long way since and has started her own online Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty & Makeup,Grooming, Travel & Entertainment magazine called TDG Magazine for both men and women so people don’t have to track a million other portals for the latest trends.                            Visit her Blog:


If you have carefully observed above 4 Blogger Profiles, you might have now understood the power of Blogging. It really feels fantastic to get paid for doing something you are interested in and sharing with others and encouraging them to follow you. Isn’t it wonderful.

How to create great Blog Images-

Blogging is writing, but it’s also selecting and preparing images. You need writing skills, but also basic image skills:

  1. Cropping, resizing and optimizing images.
  2. Basic filters and effects (levels, contrast, auto-enhance)
  3. Adding text, basic typography.
  4. Grabbing screenshots (Mac users, press command+shift+4 to capture any part of anything on your screen! I do this all the time).
  5. You’ll also need a few tools. Here’s a list of some popular ones…There are some online tools like Canva, Imgflip, Flickr and many others.

Examples of Images that won’t get you sued

1. Not getting sued is always good. And it’s easy if you know where to look for images. Search tools at Flickr allow you to filter for images covered by the Creative Commons license.

image text

2. Google Images search tool now includes filters for usage rights. Check these before searching for wheelbarrows of puppies!

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Examples of Images that get you sued

Seriously, don’t even think about using an image that isn’t creative commons. Companies build robots that do nothing but scan the web for images used without permission. PicScout, owned by Getty Images, is one such company.


If they find an image on your website used without license, a robot lawyer sends you a “Settlement Demand Letter” …and a bill. Depending on the image, it could be for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Great blog posts start conversations. But not with lawyers. You don’t want to get one of these letters.

Side note: Getty Images has often been accused of bullying for sending these letters. In at least one case, they’ve been sued.


Tips to create some great Blog posts

  1. Featured images with headlines-Let’s start with the most important image for every post, the featured image. This is the one that appears at the top of the post and in social streams when the post gets shared. Do it well, it will get clicked and re-shared. Do it poorly, viewers will scroll right past. Doing it well means putting the headline right into the image. So the image contains the meaning all by itself. The image will stand on it’s own.
    Image Text
  2. Use more than one image- Accept it. Your readers are really just scanners.     Use short paragraphs, sub headers, bullets, bold text and links. But more importantly, use many images.
  3. Screenshot images- For educational content, screenshots are the next best thing to video.
  4. Quote images- Sometimes, the words are the pictures. Take your headline or a juicy quote and make it a visual piece of content.
    Image Text
  5. Diagrams – Diagrams are a fast way to explain complex concepts. But they take a bit more work.
    Image Text

Bloggers are writers. They write text in the form of posts. Blogging is a written, text-based medium, right??  Not really.

Yes, it’s a visual medium, that’s true, but text is only part of it.

Great bloggers know blog images are critical.

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Research indicates “Images that create a visual impact effect Blog Posts”

Every great book needs a cover; every great post needs an image. Why? The blog image directly affects shares and traffic. Images get shared more in Twitter. Tweets with pictures see a 35% increase in retweets. (source-

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Note– If your post doesn’t have an image, don’t expect it to go very far.

Now that you know the basics of Blogging, Go ahead and create your own Blog. Wishing you good Luck ! ! !

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