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Hi,  This is Phani Kiran. I hail from Visakhapatnam,  About myself Image Text

the city of destiny. My purpose of creating this website is to help all my visitors with rich information as to what do we expect as a Recruiter during our interviews. I am currently working  as a Site HR Manager in a BPO. I have shared some real time case studies that will help you understand the content with ease. You may also connect with me on my LinkedIn  Profile or Facebook Profile or Instagram Profile.

I am a solutions oriented, resourceful, and passionate HR Professional. I bring along with me 13 years of rich experience primarily involved in Talent Acquisition. I have worked with 7 companies during these 13 years. Genpact, Sutherland, Wipro, Karvy, HGS , Aegis BPO & Conneqt Business Solutions. I have a hands on experience in Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, Succession Planning, Retention, Exit Management, OD Interventions, Compliance, etc.  I do possess a burning desire to succeed and prove myself both personally and professionally. During my journey I met many freshers and experienced professionals who were aspiring to grow in their career.  I found many freshers find it difficult to get placed soon after their graduation as they lack in their Self Esteem & Attitude. My website about PD should hopefully address this issue and ensure you come up with flying colors in your career.

Objective of creating this Website

The objective of creating this Website is to help my visitors like you to prepare for your Interviews, offer a free Webinar on digital marketing, as world is moving onto the digital platform there is no doubt that we all should move to digital, I have experience conducting lot of guest lectures, workshops on CRT, Soft Skills, Interview Tips & Digital Marketing at colleges and now i want to do them online with just a click away from me, also offer you access to Products that you can get at a discounted Price( I promote products that has good reviews on social media and best sellers only).

In case it sounds interesting , i advise you to signup/ register to my free “Digital Marketing Webinar”, and in case you find it interesting i can teach you all that is required to be a good digital marketer in just 30 days provided you register for my Paid Digital Marketing Online Training. I promise to offer you high quality content at the best deal possible.

        Access to Social media Connection:

Here is an access to my YouTube Videos to help you succeed in your Career.

Soft Skills basics that will help you grow.

Interview Tips for Freshers– Discover the No 1 reason for Unemployment in the present generation.

Interview Tips for Experienced– When you need to scale up in your career and manage people in your new role, you need to study their pulse regularly as unlike machines, humans have emotions and you need to learn to deal with them. If you manage your teams properly they will help you grow.

Digital Marketing Basics– The world is moving onto the digital platform along with your customers, in case you prefer not to move, your competitors will move to grab your market share. Digital awareness is the most important skills that promises you a great Career, so you need to explore it, at least the basics.

Major Accomplishments

I  worked in different verticals, like ITES, IT, Healthcare, Telecom BPO service lines (Finance & Accounts, Investment Banking, Digital Marketing,etc) . I have hired more than 10,000 freshers & experienced applicants during my total tenure so far.

I have managed large ramp ups successfully within the defined timelines, displayed proven negotiation skills, good at social networking & people management.

“I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of day you bet on people, not strategies.”— As an organizations’ core competency lies in hiring right people with desired skill set and right attitude.

My purpose of creating this website is to help all my website visitors with rich information as to what do we  as a recruiters expect during our interviews from job aspirants like most of you & help you improve your Employ – ability skill set which is of great demand in the Job Market today . Happy reading and wish you all the Good Luck !

With Best Regards,

P.Phani Kiran                                                                                                                                                                                     Privacy Policy

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