Trust in your Self, Golden-Eagle

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If you think that you can do it, you can do it, if you think you can’t do it , you can’t do it. In either ways you are right beacuse it determines the amount of Trust you have in yourself. Lets now look at the story of  Golden-Eagle.

A story goes that once a Golden-Eagle‘s egg was kept with 5 hen‘s eggs. When the eggs hatched, came out 5 chicklets and 1 eaglet!

6 bros and sis- happily living- learnt hopping from stone to stone- scratching the ground- pecking for worms- flying with a flurry of feathers…

One day they decided- we are grownups- so lets venture out to the hill top. They reached there- the view was amazing. Suddenly it became dark, and they thought it will rain. But when they looked up, they saw they were under the shadow of a huge bird… this bird dipped into the valley, dipped out of the valley- it looked majestic. The eaglet saw the bird, and said, ―Hey what is that!! It so beautiful‖.. One of the chicklets looked at the eaglet and said, you don‘t know what THAT is… THAT is the GOLDEN EAGLE—-the ruler of the skies- the king of the world..

The Eaglet saw the bird, sighed, and said, ―Wish I could fly like that… Hearing this, the chicklets laughed out loudly…..

And said, YOU!!?? You can Never fly like that… you are a bloody chicken, and can NEVER fly like the golden eagle

The eaglet, feeling sad, bent his head low, held his bro sisters hands, went back to the home, lived his life believing he is a chicken- hopping- scratching- pecking- flying with a flurry of feathers— born to be a Golden Eagle, living and dying the life of a chicken..

Each one of us sitting out here, were born to be Golden Eagles.

Trust me ……………you are valuable……….and it is only YOU who can make a difference to your lives and to the lives of others.

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