Innovation & Creativity– The heart & soul of a company

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Innovation distinguishes a Leader from a Follower. Let’s look at the below story to understand thsi better.

Heard of P&G….. Yes Procter and Gamble. What is it into (FMCG)? About 180 years ago, do you know what business they were into??? Any idea? They were into the business of making candles. They were doing extremely well…market leaders. A young engineer joined the organization. One day he got all the board of directors in 1 room. They were in a hall, completely dark, he joined one wire with another and he said, ―Behold!‖. In his hand was an encased lamp, popularly called the bulb today. This man went on to say that gentlemen, we are not in the business of making candles; we are in the concept of light….

The board was impressed. Everybody clapped. He said let‘s get into this business. The board said, give us a week‘s time and we‘ll get back to you. …. Just like the way it is….. The directors forgot…..

Again after a week the engineer met the BOD‘s again and they said – We are doing extremely well… why rock the boat

Tell me why organizations do not change.

(Risk of losing money, goodwill, fear of failure, uncertainties of the future)

He spoke to some senior members, and they said sorry we can‘t get into the business. When he tried to reason out, they said, if you are so eager, why don‘t you start something of your own. At that moment he made a prophecy…. (What is a prophecy… it is a foretelling; something about the future I say today which comes true in the future). The prophecy he made was that I will make light so cheap that only the rich will be able to afford candles. The man left P&G and opened a new company. This company today is 2.5 times bigger than P&G.

Can you tell the company, I am talking about??? Yes… General Electric

And who is the man I am talking about? …………

He is Thomas Alva Edison.

1 man saw possibilities while the whole organization saw limitations.

You know whenever I go out for a candle light dinner; I‘m reminded of this prophecy.

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