Nobility has more to do with Wisdom & Commitment!!!

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True Nobility is being superior to your former self. Sweet mercy is Nobility’s true badge.Nobility has 3 traits:

1)Being generous when you have little to give, 2) Tolerating without being humiliated, 3) Restricting one self from asking for favours.

To understand the power of Nobility lets go through this short story of Dastur Dhawal. He was the Noble leader of a group of Zoroastrians that came into India. It all happened in a small town called Sanjan in Gujarat. About 500 Parsi families landed on the Indian shores having fled from Persia. They reached Sanjan, a prosperous little town ruled by a king called Rana. So Dastur who was the chief of these Parsis, went to the kings court to ask him for shelter, but the king was very apprehensive of this tall, fair looking guy and he was also unsure whether his little kingdom would be able to absorb these immigrants.

But this king was very gentle, couldn‘t say anything on the face, so he called for a bowl of milk filled to the brim. He showed it to the Parsi chief to symbolize the fact that the kingdom was full and there was no more room for people.

But Dastur did not give up so easily. He asked for one of the attendants to get some sugar. He took a spoonful of sugar and mixed it in the bowl, letting it dissolve – signifying that Zoroastrians would mingle with the people on Sanjan town and sweeten their lives. Impressed the king allowed the Parsis to settle in his kingdom and the rest they say is history. Nobility of spirit has more to do with simplicity than ostentation, wisdom rather than wealth, commitment rather than ambition.

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