Optimist is someone who believes in himself & his capabilities in all odds!!

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An optimist is one who believes that the greatest way to succeed is always to try just one more time as one’s greatest weakness lies in giving up during difficult times. Lets understand this from a short story of a little boy who wants to make a difference by staying positive. Early morning on the beaches of Goa- a little boy seemed to be doing something which from far away looked like a funny dance… a learned professor was walking down the road… he walks up to the boy to enquire what he is doing. The boy explains that last night high tide came, and when the water receded, it left a lot of star fish on the shore. Soon the sun is going to come up, and the fish are going to scorch to death. So, I am throwing them back in the water. The Prof looked around. Millions of star fish…&  asked the boy, soon the sun is going to come up, how many will you be able to save??? The boy didn‘t bother to respond, bent, picked a star fish, threw it back in water… looked at the Prof and said, sir, I saved that one… Even if you are able to make a difference to 1 person‘s life, trust me it will matter. Optimist is someone who can see possibilities & opportunities when the whole world sees only challenges and limitations. Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement, remember nothing can be done without hope and confidence. Always believe you can do it and trust me you are already half way there. Take your time and just be yourself. Its time for you to claim the happiness you deserve in your life. Go reach for it!!

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